Gusto Review 2023: Features, Pros & Cons

gusto payroll login

But we wish the guides had screenshots, GIFS or videos to break up the long blocks of text. Even without Gusto’s add-on priority support, we were pleased to see that Gusto plans come equipped with essential HR capabilities. However, the exact features you have access to will depend on your plan. Again, Gusto payroll pricing relies on a base monthly price along with a monthly per employee price.

Gusto also offer flexible spending accounts, or FSAs, for qualified health expenses and qualified dependent care expenses. This will cost an additional $4 a month per participant, with a $20 a month minimum cost. Gusto is not a health insurance company but can help you manage your employee health insurance benefits. You can offer the same health insurance you offer now with Gusto, or Gusto can act as your broker to find you new options. Gusto is a payroll and HR platform suited for startups and small businesses that employ a mix of employees and contractors and want to automate HR tasks as much as possible.

Unleashing the Power of Gusto Payroll for Business Owners

You can also elect to have Gusto automatically file a new hire report in an employee’s state when you hire them. In other words, you can get almost everything you’d want in stand-alone HR software in an integrated platform that can also complete all of your payroll tasks. We were impressed with the system’s web-based user interface during user testing for our Gusto Payroll review. The homepage shows reminders and upcoming alerts that Gusto also sends via email. However, we were disappointed that we couldn’t customize the screen by moving around the widgets, a feature offered by Paychex and ADP Workforce.

In addition to smooth integration, your Gusto account could get you discounts on some popular apps. For example, at the time of this writing, it’s offering three months free to restaurant scheduling software 7shifts, 25% off Breezy HR plans and many more. It was easy to manually add an employee or independent contractor by entering their name, email address and other crucial information. The platform offers a checkbox option to invite the added employee or contractor to fill out the rest of the information themselves.

Top Features of Gusto Payroll

You can enter pay rates and deductions for health benefits on the backend. You input hours worked or sync your payroll system with a time tracking app during each pay period. ADP’s small business solution, RUN, caters to companies gusto payroll login with fewer than 50 employees. Plans can be customized to fit your needs and come with features such as automatic tax filing and reports, easy employee payroll and available add-ons for marketing and legal assistance.

gusto payroll login

Gusto supports your entire payroll process and many human resources (HR) tasks, such as new hire reporting and digital onboarding. Its basic and advanced HR features make Gusto our top pick for full-service payroll with HR integration. Along with third-party integrations, Gusto offers premium plans with time tracking and employee benefits management or you can choose HR add-ons. Similar to competitors, Gusto’s payroll software allows employees and contractors to enter bank details and withholdings.

Gusto Pricing

As the best payroll software for HR integration, Gusto offers built-in tools for human resources. It handles employee payroll and benefits administration from a single interface while syncing with third-party time tracking and hiring software. To begin enjoying the benefits of Gusto Payroll, sign up for a free trial and explore the platform’s features firsthand. After the trial, choose from several pricing plans based on your business’s needs and the number of employees.

  • We like that all of Gusto’s plans include hiring and onboarding tools.
  • Gusto is a great choice for startups and small businesses that want to focus on automated, compliant payroll and build out from there to include solutions for benefits, time tracking and more.
  • Most full-service payroll companies provide automated federal, state and local tax filing services.
  • It was easy to manually add an employee or independent contractor by entering their name, email address and other crucial information.

The service keeps you updated and automatically alerts employees of any changes to the law to keep you compliant. It costs $10 per month for up to five employees, plus $1 per additional employee per month. We tried adding a gym wellness benefit, and it was simple to set up in Gusto. We just had to give the benefit a name, enter how much the employee should contribute from each paycheck and how much you as the employer contribute to the benefit for each pay period. When adding employees to the benefit, though, we had to enter the deduction amounts each time, making it potentially time-consuming.

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